Here I am! Eydie. As is.

Thanks for taking a precious minutes out of your life to share a piece of mine. I truly appreciate it.
Just let me say, I am one of you. Not an expert, but a REAL person with many facets to her world, loving and living life, trying to stay calm and content often in the midst of chaos.
And that’s ok.
In this life, I figure we all have lessons we have learned, some the easy way, some learned, well you know…so I want this place to be somewhere we connect and maybe we can save some heartaches and share some triumphs as we savor life together. I believe we are all here living purposefully. I believe God has a plan for you and me. I believe He has some great things to say about living life, making the most out of our time spent here, and having hope and peace for what the future brings. He’s my inspiration and I pray you hear more than what I have to say, I hope you hear my heart. I hope you understand that our lives were not meant to struggle through or party-hearty alone. Insert hug here.

So, let’s connect on life. We may surprise each other how much we have in common.
Thanks for being a part of my life. You be you, and I’ll stay…Eydie As is